Addiction Recovery
Recent research has discovered that the stress response is a main factor in neurotransmitter, brain chemistry, imbalance,
in key neurotransmitters are the driving force behind all addictions and cravings.

Neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine, are chemical messengers that provide information
between nerve cells via their receptors. Hormones and neurotransmitters govern our moods, emotions, behavior, and sleep
patterns, as well as every aspect of our physical health.

Mental, emotional and physical health relies on neurotransmitters and hormones being produced, utilized, and metabolized
properly. The diminished availability of just one neurotransmitter or a disruption in its path can adversely affect every
aspect of life and health.  

Alcoholics and drug addicts have very low levels of these neurotransmitters and higher levels of their corresponding
receptors. Consistent recreational drinking disables the brain’s ability to naturally produce the “feel good”
neurotransmitters. This is defined as “upregulated” brain chemistry.

We have become so accustomed to living in a state of stress that often we are unaware of it until we experience pain,
disease or addiction.

Often addiction can arise from the pain of stress and the deep desire to simply relax, in addition to the desire to not feel
pain, and yet to
feel happy and at peace. The key word here is feel.  Many adults are locked into a closed state of being in
their minds and not feeling.  Drugs and alcohol can give a sense of opening and feeling, and yet ultimately cause a cycle of
further closure, pain and disease.

We all share the following:  

  • Unconscious programs of resistance to avoid pain and feelings of fear, anger and grief, which actually create it.

  • The desire to experience the state of fundamental physical, mental and emotional balance, or homeostasis, which is
    the foundation of health and well being, and from which all feelings of joy, love and peace that we all desire arise.

Those who are considered addicts, not unlike the rest of us, have this cycle happening in the desire to repress pain and to
experience well being, as a result of their unconscious response to unconscious programming.  

The cycle of the use of drugs, alcohol, food, sex, pornography, etc, is the  result of the desire to repress pain, fear, anger
and grief and to experience the state of homeostasis, health and well being and joy.  The use of drugs, alcohol, food, sex,
pornography etc., create greater and greater physical, mental, and emotional imbalances, and so the cycle continues until
there are physical, mental and emotional breakdowns.   These breakdowns create opportunities for change.
Stress and the Neurobiology of Addiction
Gateways to Health and Well Being
The annual national economic
burden of brain-relate
d illness
is over one trillion.

All are
related to stress, with
addiction number one.

Office of Nat’l Drug Policy, Nat’l
Institute of Diabetes, Alz Assoc.,
Duke University, American Psych.

Breaking the Cycle of Stress and Addiction
Unconscious physical, mental and emotional habits and patterns create stress and contribute to brain chemistry imbalance.  
With awareness these unconscious habits can be replaced with simple, yet profound mental, emotional and physical lifestyle
changes that create a state of balanced health and well being.

On a mental level, each thought we have is creating balanced or unbalanced brain chemistry.  We have the ability to change
our state of being by simply changing our thoughts.  When our thoughts change, our neurotransmitter balance changes.  

Our thinking is the underlying cause of chemical imbalance. When we are able to change our thought patterns, our brain
begins to respond differently when faced with anxious or depressive situations. Once we identify the negative interpretations
and thoughts we have in these situations, we can begin to develop and apply positive thinking patterns and behaviors that
can help us to manage chemical fluctuations.  Our thoughts, or state of mind, directly affects us on a cellular level.  Please
see Dr. Bruce Lipton's video on the biology of perception on the
Mental page.

We address the physical, mental and emotional imbalances of addiction through the integration of the modern tools of

Energy Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Quantum Psychology and other tools.

Through incorporating these simple practices it is possible to move beyond unconscious negative physical, mental and
emotional habits and patterns that contribute to addiction, and to consciously create new healthy habits that lead to a healthy
balanced chemistry, lifestyle, well being and success in all areas of life.

Please view my power point presentation
'Breaking Loose from the Addiction Game'.
You are responsible for your brain chemistry.
When you choose your thoughts,
you choose your brain chemistry.
When you change your thoughts,
you change your brain chemistry.
Change Your Thoughts -Change Your Brain Chemistry
Quantum Psychology and Addiction
Our concept of reality is based on this unconscious process of abstraction run by our nervous system, beyond our
awareness or comprehension, and is created by our nervous system and our childhood imprinting.

It is the intention of Quantum Psychology to undo the false core beliefs of who we perceive ourselves to be.

The False Core and the False Self; Our Biggest Psychological Abstraction

We all share an unconscious core program called the Separation Program, which I feel to be the 'Mother of all Addiction'.

Dr. Stephen Wolinsky from 'Waking From the Trance' articulates the nature of this core program shared by us all.  

"According to what the field of psychology calls Object Relations, an infant believes that he or she is one with the mother.  At
approximately five to twelve months the infant realizes that they are separate, which produces a shock called ‘the trauma of
the realization of separation’. Quantum Psychology takes this understanding one step further by postulating that due to this
trauma the nervous system- to understand and organize this shock- decides that the shock occurs for a reason.  The reason
(or ‘conclusion) becomes what is called a False Core- or the prime concept, belief, or idea that you have about yourself
around which you organize everything you experience in life.

This False-Core Conclusion then masks or hides your essential core and acts as a driver for your personality. Following the
creation of a False-Core Conclusion, the nervous system produces a False-Self Compensator in an
attempt to ensure that the trauma of the realization of separation shock never occurs again, and as a way to hide, heal and
protect itself from the pain of the initial trauma."

The False-Self Compensator is created as a “solution” to the problem of the False-Core Conclusion. The following is a list of
the most common False-Cores and compensatory False-Selves, as taught by this program."
 Waking From the Trance - Dr.
Stephen Wolinsky
False-Core Conclusions             False-Self Compensators

  • There is something wrong with me.        –I must be perfect.
  • I am worthless.                                       – I must prove my worth.
  • I cannot do.                                            – I must overdo.
  • I am inadequate.                                     – I must prove I am adequate.
  • I do not exist.                                         – I must prove my existence.
  • I am alone.                                              – I must connect.
  • I am incomplete.                                     – I must become complete.
  • I am powerless.                                      – I must be overly powerful.
  • I am unlovable.                                       – I must be overly loving.
  • I am out of control.                                 – I must control the chaos.
  • I am crazy.                                              – I must be sane.
  • I am trapped.                                          – I must get free.
  • I am not safe.                                          –  I have to create safety.

The Separation Program, and the resultant False-Core Conclusions and False-Core Compensators, may be the main
underlying cause of all addiction, and unless this is addressed that complete recovery may not be possible.   Factors of this
are addressed in the 12 Step Programs.  We all suffer from it, but it is expressed in those of us with addictions by use of
substances and  behaviors in the effort to escape the pain of separation.

The Separation Program is evident from the slightest disapproval we have toward ourselves and others, to the most depraved
cruelty expressed in murder, slavery, genocide, suicide, and every form of human unconsciousness we have witnessed
throughout history, and continue to witness on a daily basis in the world and in our personal lives. It is the origin of all pain
and discord within us as individuals, and is out pictured in the pain and discord experienced in families, and in wars between

Within the understanding of the Separation Program and it's expression within us and our world is the promise of the true
recovery from addiction, stress, disease and suffering and the experience true health and well being.
Energy psychology is a family of mind/body techniques that are clinically observed to consistently help with a wide range of
psychological conditions. It is at the leading edge of interventions designed to reduce human suffering and promote peak

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a simple yet remarkable healing system that reduces the stress that underlies much
disease. It has proven itself successful in many scientific studies. It works on a variety of health issues, psychological
problems, and performance issues, even those that have been resistant to other methods. It can be learned and applied
rapidly, which has contributed to its popularity among millions of people.

Using EFT for Addiction and Substance Abuse.

EFTs results for Addiction and Substance Abuse problems can be extraordinary. The benefits are two fold: First, EFT can
bring down the immediate craving within minutes so that one can walk away from food, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, and other
addictive substances. In a few cases this simple procedure has also collapsed the overall addiction.

Second, EFTs long term successes are due to its ability to address an important cause of addictions: the need to “tranquilize”
stress and anxiety caused by underlying anger, fear, guilt, and trauma. Until these issues are dissipated, the addictive
behavior may remain. That is why people who successfully give up one form of addiction simply switch to another (from
alcohol to sweets, or from
drugs to pornography, for example). EFT is designed to reduce or collapse the emotionally
troubling memories that underlie many of our addictive behaviors. Once they’re resolved, our need to tranquilize them with
addictive substances tends to fade.

Please see the scientific research on
Energy Psychology and Addiction , and the Police, Fire Military and the Sports
Performance pages for more information.

A new study from neuroscientists at the Scripps Research Institute in San Diego, CA, has found that stress is a key factor in
The most common symptoms of brain chemistry imbalance are fatigue, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, addiction,
insomnia, tension headaches, and high blood pressure.  Stress, high sugar diets, malnutrition, and toxicity are the major
influences for neurotransmitter imbalance, with stress and resulting mental factors as the most influential.

Michael was a pretty normal guy- handsome, smart and very successful at his career as a software salesman. He enjoyed
socializing and relaxing with his friends.  The 'relaxing' always included drinking.  Michael had started drinking as a young
teenager to deal with the stresses of his feelings of shyness, anxiety and inadequacy in school, and his unstable home life.  
For 30 years drinking continued to be his primary means of coping with the stresses of his life, and bouts of depression and
anxiety.  We met Michael at the age of 45, at the time that his drinking had resulted in a DUI and a severe life threatening
case of pancreatitus. Today as a result of working with both Dr. Ennen and Carolee, he is living a happy healthy life free of
Energy Psychology and Addiction